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Bus Service Information
Pasir Ris Int (Loop)


WeekdaysSaturdaysSundays/Public Holidays
1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus
Pasir Ris Int053000550530005505450055
Period0630 - 08300831 - 16591700 - 1900After 1900
Frequency04 - 08 min05 - 11 min04 - 11 min03 - 12 min
Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km)
Pasir Ris Dr 377009Pasir Ris Int EW10
77191Blk 500A0.7
77201Pasir Ris Elias CC1.1
77211Blk 6261.4
77251Blk 7131.9
Pasir Ris Dr 1277261Blk 7172.3
77271Aft Pasir Ris St 722.6
Pasir Ris Dr 177289Blk 7382.9
Pasir Ris Dr 1077169Opp Blk 7423.2
Pasir Ris St 7177291Blk 7533.4
Pasir Ris Dr 1277279Aft Pasir Ris Ind Dr 13.9
77269Opp Blk 7174.2
Pasir Ris Dr 377259Opp Blk 7134.6
77219Opp Blk 6265
77209Opp Pasir Ris Elias CC5.4
77199Opp Blk 500A5.8
77009Pasir Ris Int EW16.5
Pasir Ris Ctrl77179Opp Pasir Ris Stn Exit A7.2
Pasir Ris St 5177349Blk 5697.6
77359Blk 5647.9
77369Opp Blk 5558.2
Pasir Ris Dr 177059Blk 4258.6
Pasir Ris St 1178171Blk 1088.9
78181Bef Blk 1879.4
78191Aft Blk 1829.8
Pasir Ris Dr 198099Blk 269A10
Loyang Avenue98021Blk 27510.3
Pasir Ris Dr 398101Loyang Pt10.6
Pasir Ris Dr 298119Loyang Pt10.8
Pasir Ris St 1178199Opp White Sands Pr Sch11.3
78189Opp Blk 18711.6
78179Opp Blk 10812.1
Pasir Ris Dr 177051Blk 11512.4
Pasir Ris St 5177361Blk 55512.9
77351Blk 56213.1
77341Opp Blk 56913.4
Pasir Ris Ctrl77171Aft Pasir Ris Stn Exit A 13.8
Pasir Ris Dr 377009Pasir Ris Int EW114.3


Service 359 plies both the East Loop (Pasir Ris Ctrl, Pasir Ris St 51, Pasir Ris Dr, Pasir Ris St 11, Loyang Ave, Pasir Ris Dr 3 & Pasir Ris Dr 2) and West Loop (Pasir Ris Dr 3, Pasir Ris Dr 12, Pasir Ris Dr 1, Pasir Ris Dr 10 & Pasir Ris St 71).

Buses with the “T” suffix will terminate at Pasir Ris Interchange and will not ply the other loop.

Fares for feeder services are capped at 3.2km.