Bus Service Information
Pasir Ris Int (Loop)


WeekdaysSaturdaysSundays/Public Holidays
1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus
Pasir Ris Int053000500530005005300050
Period0630 - 08300831 - 16591700 - 1900After 1900
Frequency (Loop)05 - 07 min07 - 08 min05 - 07 min05 - 13 min
Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km)
Pasir Ris Dr 377009Pasir Ris Int EW10
77191Blk 500A0.7
77201Pasir Ris Elias CC1.1
77211Blk 6261.4
Pasir Ris Dr 1077221Blk 6511.9
Pasir Ris Dr 177239Blk 6432.2
77249Blk 6402.5
Elias Rd77181Blk 6382.8
77071Blk 6333.1
Pasir Ris Dr 377209Opp Pasir Ris Elias CC3.4
77199Opp Blk 500A3.8
77009Pasir Ris Int EW14.5
78109Downtown East5.3
Pasir Ris Dr 678081Blk 4675.7
78071Blk 4466.1
Pasir Ris Dr 178069Blk 4426.3
Pasir Ris Dr 478169Opp Blk 2166.6
78159Opp Blk 2307
Pasir Ris St 4178231Opp Blk 4827.2
78241Bet Blks 453/4547.6
Pasir Ris Dr 678089Blk 4057.9
Pasir Ris Dr 378101Opp Downtown East8.3
77009Pasir Ris Int EW18.9


Service 358 plies both the East Loop (Pasir Ris Dr 3, Pasir Ris Dr 6, Pasir Ris Dr 1, Pasir Ris Dr 4 & Pasir Ris St 41) and West Loop (Pasir Ris Dr 3, Pasir Ris Dr 10, Pasir Ris Dr 1 & Elias Rd).

Buses with the “T” suffix will terminate at Pasir Ris Interchange and will not ply the other loop.

Fares for feeder services are capped at 3.2km.