Bus Service Information
Punggol Temp Int (Loop)


WeekdaysSaturdaysSundays/Public Holidays
1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus
Punggol Temp Int053023450530234505302345
Period0630 - 08300831 - 16591700 - 1900After 1900
Frequency (Loop)04 - 09 min05 - 14 min09 - 13 min12 - 14 min
Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km)
Punggol Pl65009Punggol Temp Int NE17 PTC034A
Punggol Ctrl65221Blk 303D0.6
Punggol Rd65089Opp Blk 2961
65079Blk 102C1.3
TPE65199Aft Punggol Rd1.7
Tampines Ave 1075359IKEA Tampines5.734B
75369Bef Tampines Lk6.1
75319Opp Tampines Dormitory6.5
75299Bef Tampines Ave 97
75379Bef Tampines Ave 57.3
Tampines Ave 575171UWCSEA7.6
75141Blk 7307.9
75131Bet Blks 701/7028.3
75121Opp Darul Ghufran Mque8.6
76059Opp Our Tampines Hub9.1
76069Blk 1479.6
76071Blk 14110.1
76081Opp The Holy Trinity Ch10.6
76091Blk 20611
76101Tampines East CC11.4
76031Tampines East Stn Exit B DT3311.6
76231Opp Blk 39012
76241Blk 497D12.3
Airport Blvd95151Airport Police Stn16.6
95011Aft Aircraft Flyover17.1
PTB3 Basement95109Changi Airport Ter 3 CG218.5
PTB1 Basement95029Changi Airport Ter 119.3
PTB2 Basement95129Changi Airport Ter 2 CG220.1
Airport Blvd95019Aft Changi Airport Ter 221.1
T4 Crescent95209Changi Airport Ter 422.7
Airport Blvd95159Near SATS Flight Kitchen24.1
Tampines Ave 776249Blk 37028.5
76239Blk 39028.8
Tampines Ave 276039Tampines East Stn Exit C DT3329.1
76109Blk 30229.4
76099Blk 28529.8
76089The Holy Trinity Ch30.2
76079Blk 10130.6
Tampines Ave 576061Blk 93831.2
76051Our Tampines Hub31.7
75129Darul Ghufran Mque32.2
75139Blk 86332.6
75149Blk 867A32.9
75179Blk 871C33.2
Tampines Ave 1075371Aft Tampines Ave 533.5
75291Aft Tampines Ave 933.8
75311Tampines Dormitory34.4
75361Bef Tampines Ind Ave 534.8
75351Tampines Wafer Fab Pk35.1
TPE65191Bef Punggol Rd39.1
Punggol Rd65071Blk 203A39.6
65081Opp Blk 199C39.9
Punggol Ctrl65229Blk 29840.2
Punggol Pl65009Punggol Temp Int NE17 PTC40.7


Service 34A operates from Punggol Pl (Punggol Temp Int) to Tampines Ave 5 (Opp Our Tampines Hub).

Service 34B operates from Tampines Ave 10 (IKEA Tampines) to Tampines Ave 10 (Tampines Wafer Fab Pk).