Bus Service Information
Tampines Int - Punggol Temp Int (Loop)


WeekdaysSaturdaysSundays/Public Holidays
1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus
Tampines Int050523350515233605152339
Punggol Temp Int054000360550003605500036
Period0630 - 08300831 - 16591700 - 1900After 1900
(Tampines - Punggol)
07 - 11 min09 - 14 min08- 09 min12 - 14 min
(Punggol - Tampines)
08 - 10 min09 - 15 min09 - 12 min12 - 17 min

Direction 1

Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km) 
Tampines Ctrl 175009Tampines Int EW203A
Tampines Ave 576059Opp Our Tampines Hub0.6
Tampines Ave 476131UOB Tampines Ctr0.9
76141Tampines Stn/Int EW21.3
Tampines St 2176151Blk 2371.5
76161Opp Blk 2481.9
76171Blk 2662.3
Tampines Ave 276091Blk 2062.7
76101Tampines East CC3.1
76031Tampines East Stn Exit B DT333.3
Tampines Ave 776231Opp Blk 3903.7
76241Blk 497D4
Loyang Ave98011Blk 149A4.6
Pasir Ris Dr 198091Blk 1564.9
Pasir Ris St 2178211Blk 2045.4
78201Opp Blk 2425.8
Pasir Ris Dr 478229Blk 4856.3
Pasir Ris Dr 378111Blk 4796.8
78101Opp Downtown East7.2
Pasir Ris Dr 877371Aft Pasir Ris Dr 37.9
77321Aft Pasir Ris St 538.1
Pasir Ris Dr 177021Opp Blk 5718.4
77011Opp Blk 5158.8
Elias Rd77069Opp Ris Grandeur9.1
Pasir Ris St 7177301Blk 7789.4
77311Bet Blks 771/7729.6
Pasir Ris Dr 1077161Blk 7419.8
Pasir Ris Dr 177281Blk 7409.9
Pasir Ris Dr 1277331Blk 747A10.3
TPE65191Bef Punggol Rd14.4
Punggol Rd65071Opp Blk 103A14.9
Punggol Field65151Cove Stn Exit B15.3
65161Meridian Stn Exit B15.6
65171Coral Edge Stn Exit B16.1
Punggol East65231Riviera Stn Exit B16.7
Punggol Ctrl65269Blk 162B17.1
65279Bet Blks 187/18817.6
65289Opp Punggol Sec/Blk 195E18.1
65229Blk 29818.4
Punggol Pl65009Punggol Temp Int NE1718.9

Direction 2

Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km)
Punggol Pl65009Punggol Temp Int NE170
Punggol Ctrl65221Blk 303D0.6
65281Punggol Sec/Blk 601B0.9
65271Opp Blk 1881.4
65261Blk 6492
Punggol East65239Riviera Stn Exit A PE42.5
Punggol Field65179Coral Edge Stn Exit A PE33.1
65169Meridian Stn Exit A PE23.5
65159Cove Stn Exit A PE14
Punggol Rd65079Blk 102C4.3
TPE65199Aft Punggol Rd4.7
Pasir Ris Dr 1277339Aft TPE8.7
Pasir Ris Dr 177289Blk 7389.2
Pasir Ris Dr 1077169Opp Blk 7429.5
Pasir Ris St 7177319Opp Blks 771/7729.7
77309Opp Blk 77810
Elias Rd77061Ris Grandeur10.2
Pasir Ris Dr 178049Blk 61210.4
77019Blk 51510.6
77029Blk 57111
Pasir Ris Dr 877329Bef Pasir Ris St 5311.2
77379Bef Pasir Ris Dr 311.4
Pasir Ris Dr 377009Pasir Ris Int EW111.8
78109Downtown East12.6
78119Opp Blk 47913.1
Pasir Ris Dr 478221Blk 231A CP13.6
Pasir Ris St 2178209Blk 24214
78219Opp Blk 20414.6
Pasir Ris Dr 198099Blk 269A15
Loyang Ave98019Opp Blk 149A15.4
Tampines Ave 776249Blk 37016
76239Blk 39016.3
Tampines Ave 276039Tampines East Stn Exit C DT3316.6
Tampines St 2376189Opp Blk 21617
Tampines St 2176179Opp Blk 26617.4
76169Blk 24817.8
76159Opp Blk 23718.1
Tampines Ave 476149Opp Tampines Stn/Int EW218.3
76139Opp Century Sq18.7
Tampines Ave 576051Our Tampines Hub19.1
Tampines Ctrl 175009Tampines Int EW219.7

Note: Service 3A operates from Tampines Ctrl 1 (Tampines Int) to Pasir Ris Dr 12 (Blk 747A).

After 2335 hours on Weekdays, 2336 hours on Saturdays and 2339 hours on Sundays and Public Holidays, buses leaving Tampines Int will operate as Service 3A.