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Bus Service Information
Punggol Temp Int - Changi Business Pk Ter


WeekdaysSaturdaysSundays/Public Holidays
1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus1st BusLast Bus
Punggol Temp Int054523300545233005452330
Changi Business Pk Ter054523300545233005452330
Period0630 - 08300831 - 16591700 - 1900After 1900
Frequency (Punggol - Changi Business Pk)06 - 08 min08 - 15 min10 - 12 min11 - 15 min
Frequency (Changi Business Pk - Punggol)10 min10 - 12 min05 - 11 min10 - 15 min

Direction 1

Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km)
Punggol Pl65009Punggol Temp Int NE17 PTC0118A
Punggol Ctrl65259Punggol Stn/Int0.4
65409Bef Blk 2640.7
Punggol Way65141Aft Soo Teck Stn PW71.1
65431Twin Waterfalls1.3
TPE65199Aft Punggol Rd2.6
Tampines Ave 1075359IKEA Tampines/Aft TPE6.6
75369Bef Tampines Lk7
75319Aft Tampines Lk7.4
75299Bef Tampines Ave 97.9
75379Bef Tampines Ave 58.2
Tampines Ave 575171UWCSEA8.5
Tampines Ave 875159Blk 8749
75039Springfield Sec Sch9.4
Tampines Ave 175241Opp Temasek Poly West G9.7
75231Opp Temasek Poly10.1
75221Opp Temasek Poly East G10.5
75051Tampines West Stn Exit B DT3111
Simei Ave96289Changi General Hosp12.3
96109Opp Blk 301212.7
96119ITE Coll East Adm Blk13.2
Xilin Ave96229S'pore Expo13.8
Changi Sth Ave 196311Bef Changi Sth St 214.3
96301Expo Stn Exit B CG1 DT3514.6
Changi Business Pk Ctrl 196401Honeywell Bldg15.3
Changi Sth Ave 197009Changi Business Pk Ter16.1

Direction 2

Road NameBus Stop CodeBus Stop NameDistance (km)
Changi Sth Ave 197009Changi Business Pk Ter0
Changi Business Pk Ctrl 296361Aft Akzonobel0.9
Changi Sth Ave 196309Expo Stn Exit E CG1 DT351.8
96319Yusen Logistics2
Xilin Ave96221Opp S'pore Expo2.5
Simei Ave96111Opp ITE Coll East Adm Blk3.1118B
96101Blk 30123.5
96281Opp Changi General Hosp3.9
Tampines Ave 175059Bef Tampines West Stn DT315.2
75229Temasek Poly East G5.6
75239Temasek Poly6.1
75249Temasek Poly West G6.5
Tampines Ave 875031Opp Springfield Sec Sch7
75151Opp Blk 871A7.5
Tampines Ave 575179Blk 871C7.8
Tampines Ave 1075371Aft Tampines Ave 58.1
75291Aft Tampines Ave 98.4
75311Bef Tampines Lk9
75361Bef Tampines Ind Ave 59.4
75351Tampines Wafer Fab Pk9.7
TPE65191Bef Punggol Rd13.7
Punggol Way65439Aft TPE15.1
65149Bef Soo Teck Stn PW715.5
Punggol Ctrl65401Opp Blk 264A15.8
Punggol Pl65009Punggol Temp Int NE17 PTC16.5


Service 118A operates from Punggol Temp Int to Simei Ave (ITE Coll East Adm Blk).

Service 118B operates from Simei Ave (Opp ITE Coll East Adm Blk) to TPE (Bef Punggol Rd).